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like the fancy acronym + boss logo making skillage? ­čśë

Welcome to Jamie’s (my) Summer School, aka SDSS!┬áThis blog is an archive of all the work I am doing/will be doing over the summer break under the guidance of my expert – *cough cough* waaay too perfectionistic *cough cough * – syllabus spanning topics in Humanities, Health, Science, Math, Art, Music, Mandarin, and Test Prep!

SDSS (Self Directed Summer Studies) is my fancy acronym for summer homeschooling. Except… there’s one awesome, crucial difference – I’m going to be homeschooling myself (SELF DIRECTION┬á*nudge nudge wink wink). Here’s how it works: I draw up a syllabus based on my interests/learning needs and then take a certain amount of time Monday-Friday working on fulfilling the learning objectives. Normally I take 4-5 hrs of SDSS each day, 1 hr-1 hr 15 min for each subject (they rotate).

Before we go any further, you’re probably wondering… ‘Whaaaa?! But school’s over and it’s time for partying/tanning on the beach/lounging around watching Nyan Cat on YouTube!’┬áNow, while that all sounds well and good, I have three good reasons for initiating my homeschool-myself plan…

1. Get a headstart on next school year while everyone’s bumming around ;D

2. Review for 2 tests – an entrance exam, and an ACT – that I’ll have to take over the summer ­čśŤ

3. Incorporate my own interests in a unique 100% me curriculum.

4. …Absolute utter pure nerdiness┬áX)

I won’t lie, I’ve had a bunch of fun already just planning out what the ‘ideal school’ for me would be XD

Hope you enjoy reading about the (mis)adventures of my homeschooling ~~~~~~

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